This path cannot be resolved. Obsidian Dual apps MIUI

Has anyone ever experienced this error before using the ‘Dual Apps’ functionality on phones using the MIUI layer (android 10, 11 and 12), when trying to use a second instance of Obsidian? This error comes out when I try to create a new vault or open an existent one in any route from the internal or external storage. This only happens with the new created Obsidian instance, the original works fine. I’m using the latest insider build.
I don’t know if this could be related to this other bug from the past [Bug] App crashing and Error: this path cannot be resolved - #5 by Cantolla
Do you know another way to try to open two Obsidian vaults at the same time in Android by any chance?

Steps to reproduce

Install obsidian in any phone with MIUI (tested in MIUI with Android 10 to 12). In settings activate the ‘Dual Apps’ functionality for Obsidian. Open this new created instance of Obsidian

And when the prompt appears to open an existing vault or create a new one, at the moment of the route selection, the app shows the next error:

I tried to Open existing vaults both in the internal and external storage, and creating new ones in the same places

Expected result

Open my vaults as expected

Actual result

“This path cannot be resolved” error


  • Operating system:
    Tested on Android 10 to 12 (Using the MIUI layer)
  • Debug info:

Additional information

I was using the latest insider build (Obsidian 1.4.2)

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I have exactly the same issue with my phone. Need help. Thanks.

We don’t support this. Moved to help section.

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