There seems to be a slight problem with the compatibility of code blocks and "-" in Obsidian's live preview?

Although it may not be suitable for comparison with other software, I seem to have no problem using this combination in Typora

In Obisidian’s reading mode, it works like this. Please ignore the UI differences because I used a community theme and the default theme had the same problem in my tests

But once in live preview mode, it becomes abnormal, and the next "```" in" ``` ```" is treated as the beginning of the next code block,like this:

In live preview, there is an extra code block, and the last code block will not end because it lacks the ending “```”

For the record, I am a Chinese user, English content is translated by machine, there may be a lot of incomprehensible language errors, if there is incomprehensible meaning, please let me know, I will try to use more graphic content or human translation to communicate