Theme: Wasp (Dark)

Hey guys,

Previously I created the Reverie Theme

Reverie is on the community themes. I’m happy to see people are liking it so far.

I’m working on a new theme and I’d like to share the code for anyone who’d like to test it

The code is available here

There are inscrutions in that link for those not too familiar with git

Settings Menu Colors

Special Features and Non-features

Currently Wasp consists of a “monospace / fix width” font for editing mode

This is super helpful for using “Editor > Vim Keybindings”

Headings same size non-feature

I really like having all headings same sizes. This is more of a personal preference coming from spacemacs.

I’d like to know thoughts on this, since I could remove it.


I’m still working on it, so any feedback is welcome, since I’d like to submit it to community themes once it’s ready!


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Looks like the game Deus Ex, very cool!

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that’s true, thanks! I’ll keep working on it!