Theme: MagicUser

Hi everybody,

I am creating this thread about MagicUser theme for Obsidian. It has light and dark themes.

With the Style Settings community plugin, customize a wide range of theme elements to suit your preferences and create a truly engaging and productive workspace.

Built-in Themes

Style Settings - Theme Options

MagicUser Style Settings

Preset Themes

  • 11 MagicUser preset themes

MagicUser preset themes

  • 8 MagicUser BG themes

MagicUser BG Themes

  • MagicUser Chroma Amulet theme (special preset theme)

MagicUser Chroma Amulet theme

MagicUser Chroma Amulet - main gif

  • MagicUser Accent preset theme

MagicUser Accent - dark modes

Cards UI

MagicUser Cards UI details

MagicUser Cards UI

Caret Colors and Width

If you find any issue/bug, please let me know or post on its repository. Thanks.

I hope this theme helps to increase your productivity and inspiration.

All the best,



Checkbox Icons

Tables Layout

Code Theme


Additional Callouts

More callouts → check its repository. Thanks


Checkbox Icons List

- [x] or - [X] Checked

- [-] Cancelled

- [/] Work in Progress

- [!] Important

- [?] Question

- [i] Information

- [I] Idea

- [s] or - [*] Star

- [S] Price, Money

- [<] Date - Scheduled

- [>] Date - Rescheduled

- [t] Time

- [T] Test

- [e] Email

- [f] Phone

- [F] Flight

- [g] Graphics, Results, Stats

- [l] Location

- [b] Bookmark

- [n] Note

- [k] Key

- [w] Win


- [q] Quote or - ["]

Pros / Cons

- [p] Pro

- [c] Con


- [1] Arrow Up - Increase

- [2] Arrow Down - Decrease

- [3] Arrow Right

- [u] Up

- [d] Down

Special Tip / Task

- [m] Magic wand

Git / Pull Request / Branch

- [D] Draft pull request

- [P] Open pull request

- [M] Merged pull request

- [B] Branch

- [o] Issue

- [O] Closed Issue

User / Group / Password

- [U] User

- [W] Password

- [G] Group / Users


- [C] Cart / Buy

- [a] Add / Plus

- [r] Remove / Minus


- [R] Reference / Repository

- [E] Eye / View

- [A] Activity

- [L] Lesson / Presentation

- [h] Home

- [H] Health / Fitness

- [Q] Quality

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I’ve been using it and really enjoy it. Thank you for sharing! :smile:

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Thanks for sharing! It looks awesome, I will try it.

I’m using the Tasks Community Plugin, do you know if they work ok together?

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Thank you so much for the kind words @cameron and @UncleSinger. Much appreciated :+1:

Regarding the Tasks community plugin, I will have to test if the theme works well with it. I don’t have this plugin installed at the moment. I will test it soon, but if you find any bugs, please let me know so I can try to fix them as quickly as possible. Thanks.


Theme update (version 6.0.0)

MagicUser Theme - Compatible with Style Settings

You can customize the following MagicUser theme items (Style Settings Community Plugin required):

  • UI Settings

    • Frame Color
    • Primary Background Color
    • Secondary Background Color
    • Icon Focused Color
    • Caret / Text Cursor Color
    • Vault Title Color
    • Inline Title Color
  • Headings H1-H6

    • H1 to H6 Font Size
    • H1 to H6 Color
  • Text

    • Bold Text Color
    • Italic Text Color
    • Highlighted Text Color
  • Links

    • Internal Link Decoration (underline, none)
    • Internal Link Color
    • Internal Link Hover Color
    • External Link Decoration (underline, none)
    • External Link Color
    • External Link Hover Color
  • CheckList

    • Checklist Done Decoration (underline, line-through, none)
    • Checklist Done Text Color

Theme update (version 6.1.0)

  • Added Style Settings theme options (new UI Settings items):

    • Folder name colors (select custom folder name color for light and dark modes)
    • Show or hide Folder Icons
    • Active Line Highlight Border Color (9 options: 8 preset colors and no border)
    • Active Line Highlight Background Color (9 options: 8 preset colors and no background)
  • Active line highlight preset colors: blue, green, orange, yellow, red, purple, pink and gray.


I plan to implement the following features when I have time:

  • Font selection: Choose a font family for headings (H1 - H6).
  • UI customization: Hide or show individual UI elements.
  • Distraction-free mode.


Active line highlight: This feature is available through the Style Settings Plugin, but it is not enabled by default. Do you think it should be enabled by default?

Theme update 6.2.0


  • H1-H6 font selection: Choose H1-H6 font-family.

  • UI customization: Hide individual UI elements, also auto hide UI elements.

  • Distraction-free mode.


  • Style Settings Plugin theme options (UI Settings):
    • H1-H6 font selection: Choose H1-H6 font-family.
    • UI Settings with Basic and Advanced Settings

UI Advanced Settings (Desktop Version)

UI Advanced Settings

  • Activate distraction-free mode
  • Hide sidebar buttons (new note, new folder and others)
  • Show/hide tab navigation back and forward buttons
  • Auto hide title bar top left buttons
  • Auto hide top side buttons
  • Auto hide bottom side buttons
  • Auto hide status bar

When auto hide is turned on, UI elements will gradually appear when you move your mouse over the area where they would normally be, and then gradually disappear when you move your mouse away.

Distraction-free mode

Distraction-free mode

To show the left ribbon, place your cursor on the left side of the screen, it will hide again when you move your cursor away from the left side of the screen.

UI Basic Settings : same UI settings of MagicUser theme version 6.1.0

Hope you enjoy the new features.

All the best

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Theme update 6.3.0

  • Improved distraction-free mode.

The screenshot is the same as the 6.2.0 post (because it is a link) but the mode was improved in 6.3.0 (no tabs and other small adjustments).

You can also auto hide the status bar (UI Advanced Settings).

Hope you enjoy.

All the best

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Distraction-free mode overview


Theme update 6.4.0

MagicUser theme reading mode


Improved reading mode:

  • H1-H6 indicators.

  • Reading indicators (left and right side).

  • Highlight content by clicking on it (glow effect).

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Thank you, I’m still using this theme and have had no issues. I do use the Tasks plugin as mentioned previously and haven’t noticed any issues!

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@cameron Thank you again for using the MagicUser theme and providing feedback about the Tasks plugin. I really appreciate it :+1:

I also wanted to thank you for showing this theme in your recent video about the Custom Sort plugin. I saw that you were using the light mode. I also had the chance to watch some of your other YouTube videos (Animal Cracker Studios), and I’m really impressed with your channel. You explain things clearly and provide helpful tips about Obsidian. I highly recommend your channel. I’ve already subscribed.

I hope you continue to use this theme, and please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement or if you encounter any issues.

All the best

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Theme update 6.5.0

Distraction-free mode draggable

  • Canvas files are displayed in the sidebar with the Canvas icon (desktop and mobile).
  • Distraction-free mode has been improved to allow you to easily drag the window across the screen, when the window frame style is set to “Hidden”, which is the default option:
    • When you enable distraction-free mode with the Style Settings plugin, you can drag the window by the tab title header (the top bar with the file name and breadcrumb) or by the right part of the status bar (the lower right corner).
    • To maximize the window in distraction-free mode, double-click the tab title header or the status bar corner. To close, maximize, or minimize the window, right-click either area and select the desired option from the menu.

Theme update 7.0.0

  • Improved mobile display (tablets and phones).
  • Modals background overlay with adjusted opacity.
  • Settings window:
    • Side options adjustments to fit more options.
    • New modal size (height).
  • Style Settings: select code syntax highlighting according to your preferences.
    • code background color
    • keyword
    • string
    • number
    • comment
    • function
    • property
    • tag
    • attribute
    • operator
    • punctuation

Theme update 7.1.0

Style Settings plugin:

  • New menu option with MagicUser preset themes (5 additional preset themes with dark and light modes):
    • MagicUser (Default)
    • MagicUser Room Lamp
    • MagicUser Purple
    • MagicUser Teal
    • MagicUser Gray
    • MagicUser Camouflage

Switch between themes to find the perfect one for your mood and productivity needs.

Preset Themes

MagicUser Room Lamp

MagicUser Room Lamp

MagicUser Purple

MagicUser Purple

MagicUser Teal

MagicUser Teal

MagicUser Camouflage

MagicUser Camouflage

MagicUser Gray

MagicUser Gray

  • Now you can change the color of Markdown symbols by selecting the “Code” → “Punctuation color” (Style Settings plugin).

All the best


Theme update 7.2.0


Metadata highlighting

  • Frontmatter metadata syntax highlighting (Source mode).
  • You can customize the frontmatter highlighting with the code highlighting options (Style Settings)

You can also hide file icons independently of hide folder icons → Style Settings plugin (since version 7.1.0).

I hope you enjoy.

All the best

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