Theme: Lizardmen Zettelkasten (Light Only)

Theme Status (01/07/2022)

Howdy! As of 2022 I’ve been using this theme. Because of that I have also been tweaking it and making it stylized for my own use. Because of that I have removed the CSS related to Andy Mode and instead use the plugin in. In addition to that I’ve been using horizontal headers instead of vertical ones. I also updated the design to be more muted for headers. Here is the Github page for the theme.

  • obsidian.css - my 2022 updated theme
  • obsidianAlt.css - a muted version of my original theme
  • obsidianOriginal.css - the original CSS if you want to keep that

Major Design Changes (01/07/2022)

  • Horizontal file Headers with Muted Design
  • New Design for in Document Headers with H1, H2, H3 all displaying the same
  • Altered the Design for Blockquotes
  • Altered how Tags Display where I put them under the H1 (see screenshot)
  • Using Andy Mode Plugin w/ Horizontal Stacking Notes that are Quite Wide
  • Using Backlinks Plugin where it puts backlinks at the bottom of the document

Currently Fixing (01/07/2022)

  • Fix how multi paragraph block quotes display
  • Fix how embeds display
  • Fix Left Sidebar Collapsed Arrow (Not Visible)
  • Side Panes Color Changes
  • Fix the Selector Icon for Notes put in the Sidebars
  • Possibly Rework the Graph View Colors
  • Make Reading Mode Match Live Preview Mode
  • Highlighted Blocks need fixing in some cases

Needs Fixing

  • Change Icons into Minimal Icons
  • Off Position Tags in Viewer Mode
  • Calendar Dates aren’t Visible
  • Embeds Link Icons are Off

New and Updated Theme (Still being Tweaked)

Alternative Muted Theme

Original Theme

Light Theme

Dark Theme (No Longer Working)


How it looks with my Zettelkasten Workflow


Thank you @lizardmenfromspace It looks great.

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@lizardmenfromspace it does look great. My favorite I’ve seen so far. It breaks with the v. 0.7 prerelease though.

@greasemonkey it is working fine for me. What isn’t working for you? Do you mean 0.6.8 release?

It is beautiful. From a practical point of view how do you edit the notename though - without killing your neck?

Thanks for this!

One thing I’m struggling with is that my Obsidian-window is often pretty small horizontally (as I work with one computer screen only). With the default Obsidian theme words wrap then but with this theme words don’t wrap, making it difficult to use the editor. See example below:

Default theme:

Lizardmen theme:

Would it be possible to add word-wrap in editor mode?

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@lizardmenfromspace No I mean the insider build for release 0.70 - big changes in how panels work. Group release is usually fairly quick (few days) after the insider build shows up. Hopefully the fix will not be too difficult - I really like this theme.

I would love this too!

@Gnopps it has word wrap, you are just getting beyond the minimum width of a note, which is necessary for the note stacking to work. You can try experimenting with minimum note width to see if you can get it within an acceptable width.

.workspace-leaf, .workspace-split > .workspace-split { min-width: 650px; min-height: 500px; }

Search for this and change the min-width variable.

Thanks @lizardmenfromspace! I don’t use the stacking feature much currently so will try with a much lower min width to see how it works out.

Hey man, amazing theme! If you could show me how to turn off the Andy Matuschak Mode. I tend to read and refer multiple notes at the same time, and so it would be more convenient for me if I was able to see multiple notes without them sliding under each other.

Open the obsidian.css file and search for “Andy”. Comment out the lines from your first match down to the next comment. Save and switch to Obsidian.
That should have turned it off.

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@Gnopps if that doesn’t work try what @rsdimitrov described above. @Kuncy see same comment

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Since updating to v0.7.3 the file selector pane is very difficult to read as it has grey text on a grey background (light theme). Would it be possible to do something about this?

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Same problem here. I’ve switched back to using the Roam theme in the light mode.
Another feature that is frustrating me is that - before, in the absence of the [[Andy Matuschak mode]] I could scroll across panels, and they would all remain in the same size. Now all windows have reduced in size

Just curious, might be off-topic, if the names of document are in Zettelkasten style (only timestamps), how helpful would the graph mode be in this case?

@Gnopps ya they reworked the side panels and it broke all my CSS :confused: I’ll let you know when I get it all fixed

@Kuncy I don’t follow, sounds like a problem with the original theme not mine?

@ghprince you can still use it as a navigation tool, but it definitely has reduced functionality. I’m not completely settled on what my note title strategy is going to end up being. I’m still thinking about it and experimenting.

This might be off-topic, but that light blue square (in light mode) looks like a block reference or something. what is that? sorry if this is a noob question.

@matleonii noob questions are fine, not sure what square you are talking about though, don’t see any that are light blue?

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