Theme: ITS (Dark/Light Theme)



  • Fix large code sizing because of headers ### ![[code]]
  • Unset Infobox Callout floating on mobile
    • Use |mobile to undo this fix
  • Removed padding from sides of sidebar tabs
  • Note icon height fixed
  • Popout window header padding fixed
  • Fixed Colorful List Bullet missing color on levels 4-6
  • Fixed focused sidebar border
  • Exclude kanban cards from WOTC’s box shadow
  • Fix outlink/backlink styling
  • Graph search input widened
  • Graph menu/control temporarily resizable
  • Sidebar Tabular style restyled to fit the ITS theme design
  • Community Theme Delete button padding Fixed

Style Settings

  • Change / Add Center Headings and Center Headings with Lines into a dropdown menu
    • Under: Note Elements > Headers
  • Bottom Navbar Button Toggle moved
    • Under Workspace > Sidebar

  • Add Header Alignment section for moving heading positions individually
    • right, left, and center
    • Under: Specific View Heading Changes > Header Alignment

  • New Background Image options
    • Under: Workspace > Background Image

  • New Document styling toggle
    • Under: Note Elements > Document