Theme: ITS (Dark/Light Theme)



  • Fix large code sizing because of headers ### ![[code]]
  • Unset Infobox Callout floating on mobile
    • Use |mobile to undo this fix
  • Removed padding from sides of sidebar tabs
  • Note icon height fixed
  • Popout window header padding fixed
  • Fixed Colorful List Bullet missing color on levels 4-6
  • Fixed focused sidebar border
  • Exclude kanban cards from WOTC’s box shadow
  • Fix outlink/backlink styling
  • Graph search input widened
  • Graph menu/control temporarily resizable
  • Sidebar Tabular style restyled to fit the ITS theme design
  • Community Theme Delete button padding Fixed

Style Settings

  • Change / Add Center Headings and Center Headings with Lines into a dropdown menu
    • Under: Note Elements > Headers
  • Bottom Navbar Button Toggle moved
    • Under Workspace > Sidebar

  • Add Header Alignment section for moving heading positions individually
    • right, left, and center
    • Under: Specific View Heading Changes > Header Alignment

  • New Background Image options
    • Under: Workspace > Background Image

  • New Document styling toggle
    • Under: Note Elements > Document


Mini Update


  • Infobox width sizing on laptops fixed (no more scrollbar appearing)

  • Graph search bar sizing fixed

  • [!metadata|i-at] restyled to allow for adding +/- without losing callout

  • Removed border line from sub callout’s inside [!column] callout

  • tag-outline and tag-notion should work properly now (if added to note’s cssclass)




Hello, I have a problem with the heading font being too large thus the quotation mark sometime block the words from the quotation block. Is there any remedy to this problem or do I have to change font?

Thanks a lot

Also, I like the background option a lot, it adds a ton of personality to my vault, thank you!

Hello, I found a bug with using the image adjustment with using icon

I tried turning off the snippet and the one that produce the problem was the Image Adjustment Snippet

ITS Theme V1 Beta Update :partying_face:

ITS v1 is being released in beta to check that previous styling for important workflows within the theme are not missing before the true v1 release.

  • Theme fully restructured to fit the Obsidian v1 design philosophy
  • Updated to restore ITS Styling & fix broken CSS
  • Style Settings restructured

Before you download the Beta

NOTE: This is a BETA release, expect certain things to be broken or missing. If things are horribly broken or styling / settings you used are missing, please do ping me in the Discord or submit it to the theme’s github repo and I should be able to add/fix it.

:warning: CAUTION: Export your style settings changes to ensure previous styling is not lost

The new update uses different variables and class names that will not 100% match the previous style settings classes and thus wipe out the style settings options.

Keep that exported file and if there’s an option that is missing that you want in ITS v1, please open the sandbox vault with my theme and import that style settings file then send me a screenshot of that if you can so I can recreate it or suggest how to do so on your end. Thank you! :sparkling_heart:

Download the beta

The download for the beta needs to be manually added to the themes list unfortunately :see_no_evil: The gif shows how to download the beta theme into obsidian and begin testing, so do watch if you don’t know what to do.


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