Theme: ITS (Dark/Light Theme)

If you’re using the All Alternate Themes.css file, it has some of the fonts encoded into it, but otherwise, you’ll have to do what @Scribe has mentioned for other fonts to show up.

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Thank you @SlRvb , the All alternate themes works!

Hello, I have a bug to report

Admonition plugin does not show numbering list correctly


I have tried turning off all snippet and it seems to persist

I think that’s an issue with monospace fonts being wide, but I think it should be fixed if you update the theme.

I tried updating the theme but the problem still persists it seems.

The bullet list seems to work fine


  • Added Recursive fonts to All Alternate Themes snippet
  • Fixes
  • Icon Updates
    • Replaced Bullet and Writing External & Internal Link Icons to support more devices
    • Active File Icon color matches text color
      FHMjrz5WdO Obsidian_ODOSVPM18L
    • External Link Icon changed
      STR4LkEF2V Obsidian_eoaA8SoxHt
  • Image Adjustments
    • Fixed Width sizing wm-small to wm-sm
    • Added Invert Options
    • grid option to align images to grid
  • CSS Classes
  • Plugins Styling Supported
    • Breadcrumbs restyled
      Obsidian_ocl7GsFenv PJSAHVmlUa
    • Leaflet restyled to support dark and light mode
      XZpGmKUE2b Obsidian_B4OsZ7Y3Ir
  • Style Settings
    • Swap order of Sliding Pane Icons toggle
    • Personal Kanban Plugin Adjustments toggle
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Hello, sorry last week was a lot to take in for me so I didn’t have the time to go up in here.

I have check the Style setting again, apparently I have some font in the setting which have some Fonts i was testing out and forgot to roll back. It all fixed with a reset by now.

Thank you a lot @SlRvb

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  • Default Obsidian Font Size slider support
    • Note: Need to toggle on Mobile Resize if you want to use the Note Text -
  • Graph:
    • Highlighted Note for Graph color changed
    • Lightmode Graph Hover color changed
      slider in the Style Settings
  • .i-at class to use with Markdown Attributes plugin: {: .i-at } to style like regular <i></i>
  • .s-li class for spaced lists
  • Templater Plugin Highlight Syntax colors fixed to be more readable

Style Settings

  • Center Images toggle to center all images in vault
    • Find under Note Elements
  • Illusion Theme Inspired Headings toggle to view heading in block with a background for both edit and preview mode
  • Specific Heading View default colors adjusted
  • Display Folder Arrow On Hover toggle to restore folder arrow when hovering over folder title

All Alternate Themes

All fixes in the All Alternate Themes snippet as well.

  • School Days
    • Vault Title Font changed to Collegiate
    • Horizontal Line & Bullet Icons changed
    • Lightmode Color Fixes:
      • Titlebar background
      • Codeblock slightly darkened
      • Graph Line Fix
      • <i></i> color changed
    • Darkmode Color Fixes
      • Codeblock yellow color restored
      • Alternating colors for bullet lists

  • D&D
    • Symbol Changed to Icon
    • Fixed Writing Class
    • Darkmode Color Fixes
      • Code Text & Bg easier colors to read
      • Graph Line and Background Colors Changed
    • Lightmode Color Fixes
      • Aside Background color changed
      • Menu Sidebar color changed

  • SlRvb Blue
    • ^Snippet Renamed
    • Lightmode Outerbar and Aside Background Color changed

  • SlRvb Gray
    • Darkmode Colors Fixed
      • Graph background & Line Colors Changed
      • Norwestor Font Weight reduced to remove fuzziness
    • Lightmode accent color fixed

New CSS Snippet Themes

New themes are included in the All Alternate Themes snippet as well.

Tangerine Dunes




Image Adjustment Updates

Inspired by the Discordian Theme’s Image Enhancements


  • Can now use ![[image.png#center]] in the source of the images to use instead of the alternate text ![[image.png|center]]

Captions ![[image.png#cap|Caption text here]]

:warning: Note: Markdown in caption will not work/render and does not work on external images

  • Image Grids
    • CSSClass: img-grid
    • Flags: ![[image.png#grid]] ![[image.png|grid]]


  • Markdown Attributes plugin support with
    • Image Adjustments Snippet
    • Embed Adjustments Snippet
  • ITS Icons included as toggle

Thank you for this nice theme!
I just updated it, but now the tags look way bigger compared to the rest of the text (which was not the case before), even though my font size of the note is the same. It looks like I can’t make the tags smaller without also making the general text in the note smaller. Is there a way to change the size of tags independently of other text?

Also, I try to figure out how to change the font size for the side panel with the file explorer. Is this possible?

Oh I see what you mean by the text size of the tags getting bigger whoops :grimacing:. I’ll fix that and add the option to resize tag text independently from the note text size.

For the font size of the side panels, it should be located under Workspace > Workspace Resize. Just toggle on and slide the Sidebar Text Size slider to adjust that.

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I love the Drowned theme so much, it is just so beautiful, thank you!

The new Illusion inspired header is also good but since I am using alternative theme, it is kinda outta place with the red. You probably already had this on the next update. Again, I just want to say great work!

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I believe I caught that a little after I had posted the update, so I think if you download the snippet again, it should have the Illusion header colors match the snippets.


Mini-Fix Update

  • Resize Toggle no longer enlarges Tags
  • Added toggle and slider to resize Tag text independently


  • Fixes:

  • Style Setting Toggle to display embed headings similar to regular headings (Under Note Elements > Embed Heading Undo)


  • Obsidian icons moved from icon swapper plugin into theme
    • Style Setting Toggle for Icons under Workspace
    • Need to turn toggle off to use Icon Swapper plugin
  • Encoded Icons moved out of the ITS theme and into a separate snippet: Encoded Icons Snippet

Minimalist Workspace

Toggles to hide UI elements unless hovered over specific areas

  • Hide All toggle hides everything listed below
  • Hide Resize Handles
  • Hide Vault Name
  • Hide File Explorer/Search Buttons
  • Hide Sidebar Tab Icons
  • Hide Ribbons
  • Hide Note Title
  • Hide Note Title Icons
  • Hide Title Bar
  • Hide Status Bar


Markdown Attribute CSS Snippet Update


Alternate Checkboxes

  • Colorful Task Text Style Setting Toggle enabled by default
    (Under Note Elements > Lists)

Alternate Checkboxes Snippet

  • Style Setting Toggle to enable colorful task text or just default dimmed text
  • Should work with most themes, I’ve tested the snippet with:
    • Yin & Yang
    • California Coast
    • Minimal theme

Great! I’ve written a little script to replace the default Ctrl + enter to toggle the checkboxes, they’re great!

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Mini Update

  • ITS Icons have been set as default when theme is loaded in
  • Style Settings toggle renamed to Remove ITS Theme Icons

If the theme’s icons disappear for you, uncheck Workspace > Remove ITS Theme Icons

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(Images will be added later)

  • Fixes

    • Sliding Pane Plugins Icon Alignment & Gradient now aligns properly
    • Tag Pane dot is actually removed properly
    • Fix strange hidden cursor issue
    • Recolored Footnote Text
    • Folder Icon hides when using the Obsidian Icon Folder Plugin
    • Recolored Scrollbar
    • Coloful Bullet Lines Recolored
    • Codeblock & justified setting error
    • Fix Mobile Bullet Error
    • Remove Note Title Border
    • Removed broken Music and Scales ABC.js plugin styling
    • Fix blockref coloring
    • Graph Settings cog padding adjusted
    • Misalignment of text cursor due to horizontal line fixed
  • New Outline Pane Styling (Toggle off under Workspace > Hide Outline Pane H)

  • Icon Folder plugin icons will auto replace the ITS folder icon when applied (working on getting it to play nice with files)

  • Restyled Media Extended plugin

  • Alternate Checkboxes supports CodeMirror Options to display in edit mode as well

    • New checkbox types: Idea, Brainstorm, Pro, and Con

Style Settings


  • All headings are collapsed for easier browsing
  • Added descriptions to help
  • Moved most colors back to the Colors section for easier mass editing
  • Renamed Workspace Tab Note Adjustment to Sidebar Note Adjustment & added a description
  • Renamed Lists’ Specific Line Color section to Colorful Lists
  • Note Elements has new sections:
    • Horizontal Line
    • Embeds
    • Headers
    • Frontmatter

New Settings

  • Neon Bullet Lines toggle for preview and edit mode
  • Alternate Indent Styling toggle for Live Preview
  • 1 Color Bullets & Lines toggle
  • Dim Scrollbars toggle
  • Disable Settings Animation toggle
  • Minimized Frontmatter toggle
  • Restore Crossed Checkbox toggle

Hello @SlRvb !

Just to say thank you for the past 9 updates that I missed !

I was always using my dear ITS and improving my workflow with Obsidian :slight_smile:

Now I update and I have a lot of ground to cover ! I wanna see every new feature :slight_smile:

I thanks again for this amazing theme ! I hope everything is okay with you !!!