Theme: Dark Arts v1.5 [Updated: 18th July 2021]

Dark Arts Theme for Obsidian

With Translucency Enabled:

Translucency Disabled:


  • Download the Theme
  • Copy DarkArts.css (Core Theme) to .obsidian/themes/ durectory in your Obsidian vault
    • Optional: Copy DarkArtsBluePill.css (Blue Accents) to .obsidian/snippets
  • Select DarkArts under Themes in Obsidian’s appearance settings
    • Optional: Enable DarkArtsBluePill under CSS Snippets in the appearance settings


Version 1.5 (18th July 2021)

  • Compatible with Obsidian 0.12.10
  • Theme is split into two parts:
    • Core theme with only white and red accents
    • CSS snippet which brings back the blue accents in some places (same as the original theme)
  • Fixed graph connection lines color
  • Other minor fixes
  • Light theme is usable (still incomplete)

Version 1.01

  • Everything now works with Obsidian Version 0.8.15
    • Fixed divider line color
    • Fixed checklist checkbox color
    • Fixed new nav bar button and text color
  • Minor changes to checkbox appearance in settings
  • Other minor changes

Thanks to @kognise for the base theme (Atom), and @den for css hacks.

Let me know what you think and if there’s anything that isn’t clearly visible or broken, please bring it to my attention and I’d be happy to fix it. Cheers!