Theme: Blue Topaz

Thank you for posting this!

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I’m using this theme for two days now and really enjoying it. Thank you and congrats for the good work :nerd_face:

Thank you for liking it! :innocent:

For some reason, there is no space between paragraphs in preview mode. It makes it maddening to read. Is there a way to modify the css to add space? I tried different approaches but they all failed.

Hi allanelder,

Sorry for the late reply.

You can use &nbsp or <br /> to get space between paragraphs, as shown below.


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Long time no see!

What’s new in Blue Topaz v2.7

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Mobile optimizations (for v1.0.3)
  3. Some snippets for different styles of lists or blockquote

If you like this theme, please star me on Github. Thanks!


List style


Snippet 1

vertical line for Blue Topaz-1.css (959 Bytes)

Snippet 2

vertical line for Blue Topaz-2.css (775 Bytes)



Speech bubble 1

Speech bubble-1.css (1.1 KB)

Speech bubble 2

Speech bubble-2.css (3.0 KB)
Adapted from


Nice to see you, stranger. Love those speech bubbles!

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@whyl Excellent work! This is my favorite theme! Has pretty much everything I want! Thank you so much!


Nice to see you, too. Thanks for loving them!

I’m happy to hear that! Your support keeps me motivated to continue maintaining this theme. Thank you!

Blue Topaz v3.0 [20210801]
Added some backgrounds. This is an experimental feature. So if you don’t like it, please leave a comment.

New look


Well done, a definite upgrade.

I liked the new background very much. Gives the workspace a 3D effect. But during work that requires maximum concentration, it is sometimes distracting. I would like to know how you can set a normal background. Thanks for supporting the topic.

Hi I think there are some problems when using titles and tables.

@whyI I like the addition of the backgrounds, but is there a way to go back to the previous font of this theme? I think the answer may lie in a reply from earlier (Is it Klass’ post #83?), but I also don’t remember what the name of the original font was when I discovered this excellent theme!

@KingXyron : if you go to his Github page with historic releases, you can download the original release and check out the font in the .css file.

Fixed. Please update. Sorry about that.

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Yes, indeed. Sometimes we prefer a normal background. That’s also what I am concerned about. So it’s hard for me to choose between the two sides of the coin. What do you prefer: Setting the current condition as the default with a non-patterned background css snippet or vice versa?

I like the background image. You could go either way as long as the user can toggle it. This theme is great and we appreciate your efforts to keep making it better.

Thank you! no need to be sorry about it, you are doing a great job.