The new properties UI v1.4.5 .. I'm sad

I’m truly in shock as I just reloaded Obsidian. Please let me NOT show properties and render tags just like before.

Now my home looks very weird :

//view mode

//edit mode

What’s all that noise ?

//view mode

//edit mode

I just want to see (and click) my tags, not see all elements in the frontmatter. All my workflow is based around frontmatter shortcuts and fancy queries around tags.

Thank you,

There’s a setting to show it always as source.

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And a setting to not show it at all, which is the one I use, and instead I put it in the sidebar at the right.

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Please share how you do that? Does it work in live preview?

@RiaGruen is that a question for me? It’s just in the Obsidian options:

Yes it works the same in Live Preview and Reading mode.

@AlanG Yep. Sorry for not tagging you :slight_smile:

I know this setting and use “source” so as not to break the Banners plugin. But I’d like to know how to open the properties in the sidebar. I didn’t find a handy button to do this, but if you could kindly push my nose into the right place, that would be great.

It’s in the command palette:

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Thank you :slight_smile:

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I fix (hide) my pains. See Hide/Show Properties and "add property" button in Reading Mode

This is not working as I still want to see my tags (just like before).
Thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve found a way to show specific fields with either Dataview or the Meta-Bind Plugin.

Dataview (add the backticks, please): Replace file.starred with whatever field you’d like. Use a list, if you only want to see the results.

TABLE file.starred

Meta-Bind has “View”-Fields, that you can display.

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