The All Obsidian-Publish(s) Collection by Leo, Latest Update: 20210324

Wonderful site! Really good content here.


Thanks for making this post! In your OP, the following vaults are dead:

Sites no longer online:

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what theme do you use?

Obsidian You.

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Quick question/demo - this seemed like a good thread to post on. If you read, thanks!


  • Building minimal obsidian theme: demo
  • Curious to get feedback
  • Curious if there is interest for an open source minimal theme as an alternative to the base theme.



I was modding the base publish theme for a site I’m building. The intent was to make it much more minimalist and visually space efficient/aesthetic. I managed to get a bunch of stuff working (notably: collapsible sidebars), but spent enough time on it that I figured it might make sense to split it off into its own project.


An (incomplete) demo site that showcases the theme can be found on this publish site. I also added the theme and files to this GitHub repository. I added an MIT license, so feel free to use/mod it for your own projects if you like it. The CSS is messy right now, apologies…


There are a few dozens changes I made to the base theme but I was hoping it might be possible to get feedback on really just two (and a half) points.

  1. What do you think about the UI? Specifically I tried to make it very minimalist, but might have impacted ease of use.
  2. Would there be any community interest in an open source publish theme project that tries to create a really polished alternative, minimal theme to the base theme?
  • (2.5) would there be any interest a simple python CLI program that could automatically construct highly customized themes? (I’m primarily a python dev and not good at UI stuff but love making command line interfaces.)
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Here’s my current publish site: myabia - Obsidian Publish

It’s got a bit of everything: research concepts for my Ph.D. studies, interest notes akin to a commonplace book, media I’m consuming, and some “blog-like” writing. Once I get a few academic publications, I’ll keep track of those there too.

I don’t know if my site is as profound as other people’s but the pages there are my working notes and thoughts, and that’s what this thread’s all about. Like everyone else, the structure’s always changing but I like being transparent with my thoughts and interests. Happy wandering :]

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Some really cool vaults here, thanks for sharing everyone.

Hey, I tried going to your site to provide requested feedback, but it looks like the website is down.

ah, sorry about that… merged it into a blog/portfolio I’m building. here’s the new link!

obsidian publish theme and features

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My vault is finally starting to be less of a mess: §Current Affairs - Zetteling myself - Obsidian Publish

Primarely writing on note-taking (working through “How to take smart notes”), learning & education, and random psychology pages for fun as well.

I come from Logseq so not all pages are completely cleaned up yet.


This is a very very first draft with the current state of my sharable notes, following the “Learn publicly” philosophy: Harenchi


Looks good! You have some cool content. How come I cannot open the Excalidraw links? I receive the following error: Switch to EXCALIDRAW VIEW in the MORE OPTIONS menu of this document.

There is no “More Options” anywhere on the page.

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Hey, what if you created an obsidian vault yourself to document and organize all of these links? Just an idea :slight_smile: . Also, here’s my vault.