The All Obsidian-Publish(s) Collection by Leo, Latest Update: 20210324

Thank you for putting this together

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Happy to share mine too: Obsidian Publish
Its the public part of my personal zettelkasten (not including sensitive notes and work/project related notes). Its currently (April 2021) around 340 notes. Main topics includes circus (pedagogy), communication, personal development.
Altough its in german, it might still be interesting for some.

I love seeing what people are doing with Obsidian!

I finally got mine up as well: Savvy’Slog
It’s essentially the public face of my zettelkasten as well, with the main goal being to get more comfortable living in the midst of incompleteness. My big interests are productivity, mental health, autism, Buddhism, technology, and D&D.

I share personal content and transcripts from over 40 hours of conversations in podcast with people from Pixar, Google, SNL, and more.

Wide range of topics, philosophy, code, physics, maths, biology, biohacking.
I read everyday and… An unwritten thought is a wasted thought sort of open sourced mind.

My interests include philosophy, impact optimization, urban design, mathematical logic, technology, system design, and music. It’s all very much a work in progress, I’m sure the structure will change over time. Like others, I’m trying to exercise transparency in my thinking process. I hope it may be interesting to some, and maybe one day can be a vessel for open-sourcing ideas. Great to see so many others publishing their notes too!

Whenever I upload changes I am also posting at this twitter account: Feel free to reach out!

Great to look through everybody’s vaults! And thank you @Katlar for collecting them!

Here is mine: Obsidian Publish

In this vault I collect my personal views on topics I am professionally interested in - mainly technology and the way it impacts society and environments as well as topics like strategic foresight, anthropology and game design. Enjoy!

Oh there have bin some new Vaults! Sorry, didn’t see the notification!
I will implement them in the next days after the reviews.

My Vault:

I use this as

  • My blog
  • My personal website; bio, CV, skills, my principles
  • Notes on a wide variety of topics, mainly Buddhism, meditation, self-improvement, and freelance WordPress web design

I publish the majority of my notes as I’m experimenting with ‘radical transparency and honesty’, an idea from hedgefund manager and author Ray Dalio.

Just to enlarge the pool here, here’s mine. It’s work stuff only, intended primarily for my colleagues to see what’s up, probably too specialized for general audience – but I’m starting to like the css theme at least :).

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I made a list on Interneto’s project hosted on with 14 Obsidian publish pages right now and 22k links of websites.


Mine’s pretty new. I’m slowly publishing pages because I don’t want to accidentally post work notes on it. My notes cover whatever I’m interested in at the moment, including history, product management and a bunch of tech notes.

Here’s mine. I have structured my Obsidian Publish to be especially readable, so maybe that would be a nice contrast to everyone doing MOC and ZK type structure on their website.

Finally made the jump to my Obsidian Publish becoming my main website. I’m primarily a music teacher and church choir director (Joschua’s Bible Study kit inspired me to include the Lectionary to aid in planning music), but like many others, a variety of topics are touched on.

I use obsidian to manage my code snippets and some note during learning embedded linux. Here 's my obsidian publish:
Engineer Codes
Hope my publish can help you who need a clean coding notes.

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Thank you for creating a be-all-end-all Obsidian Publish list. It is greatly appreciated.

I am relatively new Obsidian user and loving it. Still working on curating my Evernotes over to Obsidian, every so slowly.

Recently signed up for Obsidian Publish, which has selective notes on my CliftonStrenghts (used to be called StrengthsFinder) Assessment and Coaching journey, as well as interconnected thoughts.

This look awesome! Just skimming through, this is one of my favorite vaults so far.

Mine is a mix of everything but coming from a scientist perspective.

Hello I have published on obsidian publish as well. Thanks for such a wonderful platform to publish all I do. I won’t try to describe what it is I do with it.