The Absolute State of [[Spaced Repetition]] In Obsidian | Anki, Plugins, Workflows, & More 🧠️

[[Spaced Repetition]] is an incredible tool / approach / Resource for solidifying information into long-term memory. This is very helpful for those with ADHD who have poor working memory, students who are trying to learn lots of information, and anyone who really just wants to remember more of what they learn.

Forming Knowledge is the name of the game and these tools / approaches in and around [[Obsidian]] will help you do that.

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Hey @santi I told you this was inbound :slight_smile:


Hey man, Awesome! Anki is great and there are cool workflows to combine it with Obsidian! Powerful stuff


Good stuff Bryan, thanks for sharing!

One tiny nitpick: poor working memory is not really improved by spaced repetition. SR solves a different problem, that is, long-term retention. For improving working memory you should look into N-back, here’s a very good intro to the subject.


oh neat, the square flashing on the Wikipedia link reminds me of one of the games in among us I’ll check these out, thanks!