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Inspired by LYT Resources since i have a lot of Obsidian content I’ll index it as well :slight_smile:

Resources / Links

Obsidian for Business

Video Index

Notetaking Livestreams

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Release Notes Videos

Personal Takes


My Workflow


Sync, Storage, & Mobile Use

Languages & Syntax’s

Instructional Guides

Tools & Plugins

PKM Vocabulary


Forum Articles

More to come and I will try to keep this as updated as possible :slight_smile:


Love your work. Something you’ve teased that I would love to hear more about is how to use command line with Obsidian.

One use case that immediately comes to mind is using command line in the Templater plugin to automatically create aliases in in Yaml frontmatter that capitalise and decapitalise first letters in note titles. But just interested in command line in general.

I could figure it out myself but you’re a very clear and effective communicator :sweat_smile:. Just a cheeky content suggestion for you.


CLI content is definitely in mind, especially in my Obsidian course, but your request is noted :wink:

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I would also love to learn how to do the more tech-y stuff in Obsidian :wink:

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is it possible to get access to the 38.1k word text? I would like to do some analysis with this tool called https://infranodus.com/