Templater only showing the code, not the date

I don’t know what changed (maybe Obsidian 1.0?) but suddenly all my templates are messed up.

This <% tp.date.now(“Do MMMM YYYY”) %> produces exactly that. Not the date as expected.

Did a lot of searching but can’t find an answer. Any ideas? Right now I don’t even see what the use of Templater is.

It could be the forum messing with your quotes, but you can’t use “fancy” quotes with Templater. They need to be "straight". I’d double check that.

<% tp.date.now("Do MMMM YYYY") %>

Running the command Templater: Open Insert Template modal in a note → choosing the template with the above code in it → outputs 22nd June 2023 for me.

Have a look here on how to present your code in the forum.

Thanks. That might have been it, or it might have been some conflicts with other plugins. Anyway it’s working although I’m not quite sure what I did to fix it :wink:

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