Template Plugin Improvement --- Tab Stops ${1}

Many editors use tab stops that bounce the cursor to different locations in the document.

VS Code, The UltiSnips Vim plugin, RStudio Snippets, and many more use the similar syntax of:

${0} ${1} ${2}

to denote order of tab stop placement in document to bounce the cursor around

with those tab stops some also allow default/preview text via the syntax

${1:Preview Text Example}

This would be a helpful extention to the template documents that already allow things like {{date}} and {{time}}

as editing large YAML frontmatter sections with tabstops and then moving to your document content would make initial note creation much more expedient.

In discord we talked about how:

@Silver: one of the consideration is that template is a plugin, so it has limited integration with the editor, unless editor provides an interface for tab stops


+1 templates should work like atom/vsc snippets

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Would be great to have that.

This would be extremely helpful. I hope this can get more attention!

Does anyone know whether this feature is supported now?

it is not. Iā€™d still like it to be though.

GitHub - ArianaKhit/text-snippets-obsidian: Snippets plugin for obsidian. This new plugin can do this function right now.

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