Template insertion with keyword + tab

Use case or problem

I really enjoy code snippets in sublime text. They allow predefined snippets to be (tab-)triggered by a user-defined keyword. This would massively improve the workflow of inserting a template into the current note, especially with the most-often used templates.

Sublime snippets also allow user-defined tab stops, which have been requested somewhere else and are amazing as well.

Proposed solution

I think sublime text’s behaviour is pretty great in this regard and I think adapting this behaviour to obsidian notes would be pretty great. Allowing users to do more with the keyboard and less with the mouse should be high on the priority list for a productivity app, especially one that is targeted to a demographic which supposedly is able to type fast.



Also hitting Tab while in a formatting block should move the cursor immediately to the end of the formatting block


Given the cursor |, while in __some text |here__ then pressing tab the cursor moves to __some text here__|.