Template Hub

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Obsidian Template Hub started on the 13th of June 2022. It was set up to gather information on as many note templates as possible.

Because every person have a different workflow, note structure, thinking process etc. This place was set up so every one can add the templates they use for others to try, test, adopt or reconfigure to fit the induvial needs.

You can find the repository here GitHub


❓ - How do i add the templates ?

A: Simply copy the templates folder or the specific template file to your vault.

❓ - How do I use the templates ?

A: As a general rule, most templates need to be “Imported”. In other words, make sure you have at least Obsidian native templates option enabled and configured.

❓ - Can I contribute to the repository ?

A: YES! You are free to submit any template you use.

❓ - How many templates can I add?

A: As many as you want, however make sure to follow the guide lines

❓ - Can i clone the repository?

A: Yes, just make sure to leave the credits for every one that contributed to the repository. You may link this repository contributors file.

❓ - I have some templates but i don't use GitHub. How can i contribute.

A: You can message me directly on Discord (Zektor#5616) or in Obsidian Forum (Zektor).

❓ - Is there any pre-requisite plugin to use the templates?

A: If a template requires a plugin the exact name will be at the top of the template so you can search on the application.

❓ - My question is not listed here, how can i get an answer ?

A: You can use the Obsidian Forum thread dedicated to this repository and I or some one else that have the knowledge will answer it, or you can directly message me in the forum and in Discord (Zektor#5616).

❓ - Where are the credits ?

A: At the moment I started this repository I’m the only one. But if any one contributes there will be a credits section linking to the repository of all participants

Contribution Guide Lines

Following is a list of rule that must be followed for any pull request to be accepted.

  1. If there is no folder for the template you want to add create the folder following the same rule. All folders start with a number followed by the specific type of template.

    1. EX: 1 - Daily Notes

    2. EX2: 2 - Book Notes

  2. All templates must be added in it’s specific folder. There will not be a folder with random notes. Nothing can be that random.

    1. EX: A daily note template must be placed inside the Daily Notes Folder
  3. All templates must have the name with the following configuration, in case you have more than one template for the same type of note

    1. EX: YourGitHubName-DailyNotes-0

    2. EX2: YourGitHubName-DailyNotes-1

  4. If your template requires any specific plugin, please leave at the top of the template the exact name to be found in Obsidian or the URL to where it can be downloaded.

  5. When submitting the pull request, remember to leave the URL for the repository of your templates so proper credits can be given.

Special Thanks

kmaasrud, for the project image designed “Inspiration :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:” and the project front page “README.md”.

Obsidian Community Team, for the awesome example made with the Obsidian Hub.