Tags vs Transclusion for Maps of Content

So, I’m at an impasse. I’ve created a TOC using hierarchical transclusion. However I’m considering possibly creating a TOC using a query that pulls from tags in each document. I could use domain, category, subcategory, topic, subtopic, and article that’s six levels of hierarchy and aligns with the six levels of headers. Also with the master document it follows the rule of sevens.

Ex. Article Technology Computers Software MacOS MacOS Home Folder

How would that even work? I’d need to install the [[Dataview]] [[plugin]]. Then I’d have to get a handle on tags. Would they be strictly in the [[Front Matter]]? Would I be better off using a template for each level of the hierarchy? Would it matter? It would keep things consistent but it would also make editing a bit more technical.

Does anyone on the forum has a similar use-case?

(I removed the “translucency” tag.)

What hierarchy and consistency do you currently demonstrably (to yourself that is) need in your daily practice of working with your notes?

I currently have seven ‘domains’ drawn loosely from the Franklin covey system. I’d like to have a central’ tree’ from which all of my notes could be filled but I’d like it to be collapsible down to just show task lists that are toggle-able. (Foldable)

I’ve just started exploring DataView and it’s like to have a good idea of the benefits and features before I go too far into building out the hierarchy.

When you say “TOC” do you mean “MOC”?

By “hierarchical transclusion”, do you mean the MOC transcludes parts of some notes, and those notes transclude notes from a lower level in your conceptual system?

Yes. I tried that and it didn’t really work. Each transclusion ‘nests’ and eventually it gets pretty restrictive. It also doesn’t ‘fold’ the way headers normally do.

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I don’t quite understand what you’re trying to do, but have you looked at embedded searches?

@Marlond I think that is an excellent idea for a feature request. Of course, it is always worth checking for existing requests, but as far as I know that idea is new. There is a request for the singular folding of embeds, Folding Embedded/Transcluded Notes , but I believe your thought of multiple nested embeds folding the way headings do would be extremely useful.

I hope you’ll make a request. If not, I’d be happy to make one. Let me know. Thanks.