Tags View in Command is not listing tags

New to Obsidian so I’ve been testing.

What I’m trying to do

I’ve got some tags in a couple cards but when I open the command (right side) bar, the “Tags” prompt does not show any tags. **If I search using the top-left search function, my tags show up. But I would rather have all the tags listed which is what I understand the right Command section to be for.

Things I have tried

++Researched others in the help and on general web search over the last 2 hours with no results.
++Turned plug in off and on.
++Reentered tags

Are we talking about cards as in canvases?

Do you experience the same issue when adding tags to a normal note?

Thanks, this did help me find something. If I add a note from vault, I see that the tag shows up. But if it is in a card, it doesn’t show up. I guess I am not sure what my other mindmapped items are but I would hate to lose the tags I made there. (And why do they show up in the “tags” on the left but not in the right side/command area?)

I am realizing I need to be more familiar with these terms…any particular resource that teaches this simply? I’ve watched some videos but still am unclear.

Remember that the canvas is a somewhat new addition to Obsidian, but also check out the feature request below:

One of the posts explicit mentions how tags are searchable, but still not found in the tag list.

Not sure which resources to recommend, but hang around, search a little, play a little, and you’ll get the hang of it and the terms used. :smiley: