Allow tags for a canvas / Support tags in canvas cards

Use case or problem

I’d like to be able to assign tags to a canvas.

Proposed solution

Please add a function to the canvas that allows doing so.


I need this as well, thanks for submitting

I second this

Me too. I use tags heavily for organization and starred searches. I need my canvas documents to be organized this was as well.



Tags yes, but i rather would like them to add normal frontmatter fields (even if the syntax might be a bit different in the file, as its json)
But the ability to integrate this in existing workflows is really missing and shows the more you use this new feature.

So i want to use tags, but also variables for dataview.


Please implement this feature! I really need a way to organize my canvases :smiley:

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tag in canvas-card is missed in tag-pan, but search-pan includes tag in canvas-card.

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It would be great if it could appear in search-pan and tag-pan


Yes, we truly need it.

As it’s creating a weird UX at the moment. What is the point for adding new tags if you can’t use them in other places? :thinking:. Manually converting cards to notes, just for the sake of indexing those tags, is something that should be automatically done.

Furthermore, tags are the first class citizen in Obsidian, don’t they? :blush:

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Just seconding all this. I’m creating my first working canvas right now (after playing with canvasses for a while) and I was surprised that you can’t tag one. You can insert a tag within a card, but then the tag doesn’t show up in a Dataview query. Seems like a simple thing to fix?

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Yes. Tags for canvas would be great.

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+1 for tags and being able to use metadata like yaml and dataview fields etc. in canvas files!

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+1 too I really need this feature


+1 for tags and being able to use metadata like yaml and dataview fields etc. in canvas files!

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This feature would be awesome !


Yup. Im beginning to use canvas files and adding tags to cards doesnt show up in the tag counts (righthand panel), but if you click on the tag in the righthand panel the canvas files do show up in the tag list (on lefthand panel).

Another one here, please, this would be extremely useful!

I organize my projects with tags like #project/mycurrentproject and canvas are part of these projects. Such tags are saved as bookmarks. At the moment canvas files will not be listed in the project search. The feature would be very helpful for a complete access.