Tags to support other symbols like $ and @

It would be a good feature to have an additional setting in tags, using which the user can add an alternative prefix symbol for tags than #.

Use case or problem

E.g., As a user, I would like to use # for all basic actions tags, and @ to tag names, and $ to tag stocks.

Proposed solution

  1. In settings, allow the user to add more hash prefixes.

  2. It can be a comma-separated text box

{ $, @, §…}

or a key-value pair

{$ - stock, @ - people, § - topics, . - actions}

  1. Once enabled and configured, the editor will have an autofill option just like hashtags. Also, the Tag Pane will be showing it as a separate set.

Current workaround (optional)

There is no direct workaround for this. Evernote has a separate UI to create tags and allows all kinds of texts and symbols. Obsidian doesn’t support # followed by characters like #$GOOG or #@BillGates.

*The current workaround I am using is #people/Billgates and #stock/GOOG, which is bulky in UI, artificial while writing, and flow breaker while reading! :frowning: *


I’d like this as well, supporting other common ASCII characters in tags, such as ‘{’ and ‘*’. Limiting special characters to ‘_’ and ‘-’ seems arbitrary. My use case is to create nested tags such as #lang/*/data

I like that solution too. How do you feel about a folder for people and an alias to that folder being @? This way, the link would be @/BillGates or perhaps even @BillGates if the shortcut to a folder could include the needed slash (make it optional).

That’s precisely what I’ve been suggesting directory aliases and composite links!

As of writing, I like including symbols that are html compatable and not any symbol on a keyboard other than - and /. I am hoping that it is future proof since the symbols are standardized in unicode. For example, I use for contacts because the “Full Block” looks like a book. The unicode for “” is (U+2588).

One of my tags for an imaginary person would look like:


Here’s a link: HTML Icons from Material UI

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As someone who is starting to try to make trading notes, this would be a plus.

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I agree. Using the ASCII symbols to prefix types of tags is visually very effective. I too use that in Evernote.

I found I could enter these kind of tags in the frontmatter if I fooled around with the format [“?Tag”] for example. But when I try to use these tags in a block, they can be selected from the tag list, but after they are entered, they lose their tag status and become text. So I was pretty bummed out.

Is anyone working on this? I would also really like this feature, especially since I’m pulling data in from twitter (which uses $ for tickers).

I would also love to see this. I use a lot of bibtex citation keys, that start with “@”. It would be very convenient to interpret them as tags, so they show up in graph view for example.