Tags filter stops working in graph view after search

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open graph view
  2. Filter out a folder, by searching path:-"folder_name"
  3. Turn on Tags filter

Expected result

The reduced graph (without notes in the selected folder) + tags.

Actual result

The reduced graph; tags don’t appear as extra nodes


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.9.6

Interesting. This is a bit of a design decision.

By using a search, the user is indicating that they only want items on the graph to include that which falls inside the scope of the search.

If you search for the text of a tag, it appears as expected.

Would most people expect tags to be excluded from being excluded by a search? If so, how do you filter by searching for tags?

Just trying to answer, sorry if this seems uneducated answer, I have a little knowledge about this.

Would most people expect tags to be excluded from being excluded by a search?

I think yes, because we can toggle on/off tags.


So that’s why some people (at least me) expect tags do not be excluded if not toggled off.

If so, how do you filter by searching for tags?

I think this will make tags as a special/exclusive class that do not be excluded by normal search. So we can use tag: to filter tags.


Really reduced usability for me in my notetaking system in this behavior. I use tags to identify relationships in my daily notes, toward creating new evergreen notes. I can’t filter the graph view on the path that holds my daily notes without losing the tags on the graph view. It also fails if I filter out other folders instead, as OP notes.

I read the “Tags” filter switch as saying: “Show tags as separate nodes or not.” Feels like the option should do just that, in combination with any other search parameters. As currently configured, the option is meaningless if you put in search terms, which feel like a usability issue.

I’d expect same behavior of the other filters (“Existing files only”, etc.) … as ways to fine tune the display of the graph in combination with the search, as if we were adding parameters on a query.


Upvoted. I raised a similar feature request some time back.

Guys I am a little confused here by wording. Not sure if this is a bug or a feature request.
It’s possible that this is a combination of both.

If I filter to see only a directory. I expect to see the tags related to that directory. This is a bug.

@kuncy: Orphan notes work as expected (by us) and toggle correctly.
Non existing notes don’t have a path associated with them so they are filtered out (that is also fine for us).

This bug report is for the tag problem. The rest can be discussed in a feature request.

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will be fixed in 0.9.13