Tag Pane Search

It would be amazing to be able to quickly search existing tags in the tag pane.

What I means is a search bar inside the tag pane.



With the amazing implementation of #sub/level/tags there are specific tags that are hard to remember their exact tag path.

it also helps search specific tags much faster than scrolling, specially since by default tags are uncollapsed and must be closed manually as discussed here > (Un) Fold all nested tags

What this is not about

I’m aware of the powerful functionality of searching with the syntax tag:#exercise or even sub tags tag:#sub/tags

but there is no current way of do a quick fuzzy search for tags and subtags based on a quick text search in a panel.


I have a blank note called tag search where I write the tag I’m searching for and then delete the content of that note, to not clutter my tags.


With this temporary note I can run a full search and find out that the tag #exercise belongs to the tag path… #growth/health/exercise
and now I can do a search on it, and combine it with other more advanced search techniques.

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Thank you, this would be an amazing feature


+1 on this feature! It would be amazing if there is a search within the tag pane or better still to have a more flexible/fuzzier search in the main search window. Please this would be so awesome.

'i use tags to objectify my hierarchical note taking paths (as obsidian without it is not a good place for hierarchical outlining ) and in practice, “tag pane” without searching means slow or non-function if imagine that between thousand tags and their children "

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why is not possible to implement “search-bar” in tag pane? it is very intuitive to be there something like that.

Ditto on this. Inability to do fuzzy search on tags is becoming more of a problem as tag list grows. It is impossible to remember all tag names used. Autocomplete and fuzzy search would help keep the list tidy, as when I type, for example, #cult … autocomplete would discover #trends/culture.
Search needs to be in the tag list itself, as @santi suggested, in order to see the list narrowing to required outcome

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to clarify a little further.
When I am adding a tag to a note, the autocomplete/fuzzy search works exactly how I want. ie, typing #cult narrows the list rapidly to (in my list) #trends/culture and #work/culture. I can then choose the appropriate tag.
I would like a search pane to do the exact same thing, not have to type into a note to narrow the field

Bumping this back into thread before starting a new conversation on same topic.
Is there a proposed solution to this yet. Not being able to search tags is a limiting factor in what is a fabulous app

yeah, this feature would still be amazing to have on the tag pane