Fuzzy Tag Searching: Looking for a better way to search for Tags when you have 100's

Use case or problem

Find that the built-in method to “Search” requires you to type “Tag:” Then a drop down box appears with your entire list of tags. This might be fine for a small list but when you are dealing with 100’s then this is impossible to navigate.

If you cannot find it in the list, then you need to remember the full tag “full-tag-name” otherwise the search won’t filter it if it isn’t exactly as written

The search box allowing for Tag searching

Example of the auto complete dropdown box with tags

Example of searching for keyword “linux” tag

Example of needing to remember full tag name for search to work

Proposed solution

Would like to have fuzzy searching similar to how the software functions right now when adding a new tag. When you hit the “#” and start typing, the fuzzy search shows related options immediately. If the search functioned like this then I’d be much better at being able to narrow down your specific topics you want without having to remember what you exactly named the tag.


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