Tag and link auto-complete in search

I am routinely inputting tags, filenames and links into search. Auto-complete would be really helpful.

As a side note, I am using search to filter backlinks and would like to see some convergence of these features.


Yes please. It’s been rather cumbersome to manually type tags in search.

Would also be cool having the ability to input multiple tags in the search bar through the tags pane. Like ctrl/cmd clicking on multiple tags puts all of those in the search bar whereas normal clicking w/o ctrl/cmd would just input one tag and replace the previously clicked tag.

Huh. Wonder if that should be a separate request.


It would be very beneficial if the search box supported autocomplete for tags just like the text editor does. As shown in the following screenshot, in the text editor typing “#te” brings up autocomplete of tags starting with “te”, but that doesn’t not happen in the search box.

I have tried both “#te” and “tag:#te”. I don’t think “tag:” should be required though since “#” should generally be enough to indicate the user is searching for a tag.

Screen Region 2020-10-10 at 11.57.16


I think the purpose of using “tag:” would be to leave out anything that doesn’t act as a tag (duh). For example, writing tag:#tag should leave out `#tag`

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 10.43.51 AM

Screen Shot 2020-10-11 at 10.45.06 AM

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Users search for tags a lot, much more than they search for a string starting with #. So I think just # should be enough to make it easier/faster to quickly search for tags.


Tags stored in YAML front-matter are not generally prefixed by “#”. So they would not match.

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