Tables: Adjust/Resize Column Width

Use case or problem

The tables cannot autosize in Live Preview and there is no way to adjust the width/height of the table like you can in Excel. When in live preview add a drag bar that updates the value too.

Proposed solution

Add a syntax that lets you adjust height or width to autosize or manual.
Could be something like:

| {W:auto;H:15pt} Rest of cell text or another annotation or formula. |


+1 for this feature.
I often have tables with long URLs, and if a URL text is very long without containing a dash, the column will be so broad that the next column won’t display anymore in live preview.
I will have to switch to preview mode to be able to scroll the table.

Page Title URL 1 URL 2
This is the title of some random URL This whole column won’t be displayed in a narrow Obsidian pane.

If you want to reproduce, here is the table in markdown:

| Page Title                           | URL    1                                                                                                   | URL 2                                                                      |
| ------------------------------------ | ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | -------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| This is the title of some random URL | |  **This whole column won't be displayed in a narrow Obsidian pane.** |
|                                      |                                                                                                            |                                                                            |

+1 for this feature, loads of people requesting the ability to alter tables

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“Notion-Like tables” plugin stores this information in .obsidian/.../data.json but having this metadata inside cell (or next to table) makes sense because it would make moving files between vaults easier. Probably this feature will be considered only after adding editing table option so it might take a while :expressionless:

Would love to see this without plugins, but I made it work alright with MCL Wide Views snippet, the contextual typography plugin, and the Advanced Tables Plugin:

For those looking for a workaround meantime. :slight_smile: New to Obsidian and loving it so far!

Right now it looks like the table column width is automatically set based on the cell in the column with the most content.

When I embed pictures in one column and put a quick caption in the other column, the column with the pictures is way wider than I would like. It would be nice if we could override the default column widths and set our own (maybe a tag in the table header?).


At least two options are available to you, as far as I can see:

  1. Set width for the image via tag.
  2. Set width for the table / table cell via or

    Do they work for you?

What does this mean?

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I’m not sure where this topic currently stands, but I have a similar question. Namely, is there a simple way to have all the tables in my vault automatically resize their column widths based on their contents? As it stands, whenever I create a table, all the columns are sized exactly the same. Columns with little text (like indices) are sized to the same width as columns with lots of text (like notes and descriptions). Honestly, it makes tables fairly useless, and they should be one of the most used features. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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I don’t think there is a markdown syntax for defining the column width.
You can use some HTML hacks.