New Features for Tables

Main Description


Please consider adding the following features for tables:

  • Text transfer to a new line
  • Bullet List
  • Tab

  • Scale the table to the entire workspace (example from Notion)


  • Free scaling of table columns (example from Notion)


:exclamation: is primarily relevant for Live Preview. :exclamation:

Use case or problem

I often use tables in Obsidian, especially when I’m learning new programs, and trying to organize and structure information related to them. I prefer to do it in a table format because I find this visualization of information the most clear and easy to understand and easy to use.

But in Obsidian, working with tables is uncomfortable, and the basic functionality is simply missing.

This Feature Request is not about improving the comfort of working with Obsidian, it is aimed at adding the necessary (for me personally) functionality for tables.

Proposed solution

How you might implement this function I don’t know. I’m not a programmer, and I’m not familiar with Obsidian’s capabilities, what can and cannot be implemented in it.
You know better than I do how you can implement this function.

As for how it solves my problem…
There is a need to add new functionality to Obsidian → New functionality is added → Need met
… I may have somehow misunderstood the meaning of the question asked in the Feature Request template (English is not my primary language, I use a translator)

Current workaround

  • Text transfer to a new line: <br>
  • Bullet List: Bullet Operator Symbol
  • Tab: Invisible Character ‏‏‎ ‎

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