Syncthing conflicts after Obsidian 1.0 release

Previous to 1.0, never had sync conflicts with Syncthing. I have a home server, work laptop, gaming rig, and my Android. All of which run Syncthing and have never had an issue with conflicts before. I have excluded the workspace folders


But there are still conflicts for any Obsidian file I touch. I do not have this issue with my pictures, music ect folders that I sync with Syncthing.

Here are a couple other threads with some variation of the issue:

Any possible ideas, suggestions?

Thank you

Perhaps you’re affected by this Syncthing issue.

Try updating Syncthing on your Android device to latest ( or later) Do the conflicts stop?

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It’s a well-known problem fixed in Syncthing version 1.22.2 (currently release candidate). Here’s the issue on Syncthing’s GitHub: Conflicts created on Android on files modified by other devices · Issue #8654 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub
It’s not related to Obsidian in any way.

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