Syncing Canvas Links with Vault Linkes


currently I am doing a lot of work in the canvas creating cards, linking them and thus organizing my ideas. Now, however, I want to add the whole canvas as it is to my vault. In this process I want to:

  • create notes from cards
  • sync links between cards/ notes in the canvas with my vault

Especially the last point would be super helpful. I am not quite sure how to get this to work. Has anyone got an idea or maybe uses Obsidian in a similar way?

There’s a feature request: Local graph-like Canvas mode to show connected notes, add to Canvas

Also: True link mode in Canvas to actually link notes, headings, etc…

I would love to find even just a way to slightly automate the process. It would not necessarily need to be exhaustive and instantaneous like in the feature request for it to be helpful.

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