Syncing across devices and collaborating

I’ve been looking for a good syncing solution for syncing across my different devices (Mac, iPhone, iPad), as well as facilitate collaboration with others on my notes.

So far, I’ve tried using iCloud but that has been a trainwreck since iCloud will often just refuse to sync on my Mac. It’ll work fine for other apps and between my mobile devices, but refuses to play nice on my Mac. I’ve also tried using git (both to sync, and to backup) but mobile devices don’t support ssh with git, which is the only way of getting write access to my repo. I’ve tried using a personal access token and getting my ssh keys onto my devices but that hasn’t worked either.

At this point, I’m ready to pay for Obsidian sync just to have a reliable syncing service between my devices, but my main concern is whether it’ll have any conflict issues when I’m collaborating with others on a vault.

My planned collaboration setup is (not implemented yet):
Monorepo master vault with subvaults for projects that I’m working with other people on. I want my notes in the subvaults to be synced reasonably quickly and without any conflict issues with my master vault’s sync overriding it. Will Obsidian sync be able to do this? or is there another set up that could work?

My constraints are:

  • works across multiple devices (Windows not needed)
  • can collaborate with others as well
  • that I maintain a monorepo master vault (not strictly necessary, but a strong want). I consider it important that I can link the work I’m doing to the ideas I’ve written about in my personal notes.

I would really appreciate it if someone has a good solution to this. I’ll even throw in a tip to your crypto address for whoever can help me out.

oh and also I should note, I think iCloud messes up mostly because of my VPN, but I can’t be too sure about that.

Said goodbye to iCloud myself as well. It cannot handle myriad tiny files.

Git and GitHub are especially made for collaboration.

The iOS side is trickier to set up (if you don’t want to pay for the Working Copy app). Here’s a forum thread:

There are a couple of older threads for working with the WC app, I believe.

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thanks, I’m not sure if I want to try set up git again after having so many issues on iOS/iPadOS

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