Sync Whatsapp messages to Obsidian

All your WhatsApp messages are put into some Obsidian folders.

Why? I personally don’t like short reciprocity messages and prefer delayed and high quality messages/conversations, so I usually copy and paste all my communication channels messages in Obsidian and digest my answer over time until I consider it ready to send, with some help from GPT3 and other processing hacks like Insert conversation starters generated by AI for your future conversations · Discussion #952 · SilentVoid13/Templater · GitHub.

I’ll probably implement this as a hack with Templater soon, probably use some WhatsApp scrapper since there is no official API for this. I could imagine an Obsidian plugin.

Ideally, you can even send messages from Obsidian, but that’s a nice to have

Of course this idea could be implemented for all other communication channels (Discord, Slack, Matrix, whatever-u-use)


Great idea!!
I would love to see an interface where I could link an Obsidian note to a WhatsApp(desktop) thread.
I work in the counselling/sense-making space and use whatsapp conversations as consultation logs. It would be great to tag and cross link these in a live environment, without having to cut paste, as you say.
I have no coding skills, (I speak emotional not C++ or Python. Grin), so simply want to applaud and encourage those who make all thing Obsidian possible.