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What I’m trying to do

I want to sync with icloud (obsidian sync is too expensive for me), but i have a linux laptop which cant be synced with icloud

Things I have tried

I dont like any other clouds cause integrations are not so seamless as icloud one.

I don’t believe iCloud has a Linux client.

Via @Synchronicity

These are the five methods currently believed to work for syncing between devices if you’ll be including an iPhone and/or iPad:

iCloud (NOTE: iCloud on Windows is known to cause file duplication issues as well as data corruption and loss, and the Obsidian devs and community strongly recommend that you avoid this combination.)

• Official Obsidian Sync

Self-hosted LiveSync plugin

Remotely Save plugin and various cloud services, including Amazon S3 or S3-compatible, Dropbox, OneDrive for personal, and Webdav

Git with the Working Copy iOS app


Or via A-Shell.
On Linux one can install Github Desktop.

thx a lot! remotely save suits me really well!

Yes, iCloud is only viable for syncing Obsidian between devices running Apple operating systems. It will corrupt or destroy your data on Windows and won’t work at all on Android or Linux.

Hope you don’t mind me posting your list! Do you think a-shell should be added?

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Sure, makes sense to me since it appears to be working for some people.

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