Sync Mobile app through Google Drive (Android-Windows10)

Platform: Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.0.3
Obsidian Desktop version: v0.12.10
Installer version: v0.12.4

This is an alternative to Obsidian sync paid service, using Google drive, a android phone and a windows computer.

  1. Open the following link: Back up & sync files with Google Drive - Computer - Google Drive Help And follow the instructions. You will need Gdrive service “Backup and Sync from Google” to see google drive on your file explorer. Then go to this page: Download - Google Drive and scroll down to the “For users” option to download gdrive on windows.
  2. Then go to your android phone and search on the play store: “Autosync for Google Drive”. Allow the app permissions like your mobile storage. Connect the app to your Google Drive’s account. Now choose the option that says: “Create sync test”. The app will create a folder for your, that exists both on your Gdrive and in your mobile storage. You can also setup your own folder, but I don’t really know how that works.
  3. Finally open your Obsidian app and create a new vault within the folder that Autosync created for you. Then go to obisidian for windows: select “open a folder as vault” and select the vault within the folder Autosync did for you.

There you go :wink: that’s it. You can either manually sync everytime you make a change, or go to “Autosync” app on mobile and change the sync time to every 5 minutes. I will upload in the future a guide for doing this but on another app called “SyncThing”, a safer and faster alternative. Let me now your doubts if you have any of them.

Sorry If I have any grammar mistake, I don’t speak english natively


Worked like a charm! Thank you :))

I’m glad to hear that!

Syncthing is really good. Every time you create/modify a file, it will automatically sync it in your other device.


I have windows 8.1 pro, and it works perfectly. I felt so down when I finished writing the note then I couldn’t synchronize.
Thank you so much! You saved me.


how to sync with Ubuntu?


Thank you :)) :pray: :pray: :+1:

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Thank you :))

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Just to say, kudos! DriveSync (or “Autosync for Google Drive”) works great, and definitely helps the Obsidian experience. I also use Syncthing - which runs great on Android - for when the files I want are on something other than Google Drive, and then again, as you do, I Obsidian-vault the relevant folders.

Both of these - DriveSync, Syncthing - are invaluable for Obsidian use seamlessly across mobile Android and notebook/desktop platforms, regardless W10 or Linux. Now if only either of them worked on iOS, but alas …

Many thanks.

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Sorry to answer this late, I have been busy. I’m sorry but I don’t personally use ubuntu to sync across devices. I will check it out tho!

Thank you soooo much :slight_smile: New Obsidian user here. The only thing holding me back was sync across devices ($10/month was too much for me given how I just wanna try it out first). But this does work like a charm. Thank you Jose!

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Insync is perfect tool to sync Google Drive on Ubuntu. Lighter alternative is e.g. grive.

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Hey, OP

This is a great, free workaround. Just don’t recommend 5 min auto sync!

If you’re editing a document when it syncs, it’ll create a “conflict” and duplicate your note. Then you gotta transfer everything back into the original note, because the links are attached to the original, not the newly created conflict, but the new one is where your edits go after the conflict… It’s a whole thing.

But other than that, it works perfectly!

Still works perfectly, thank you!! I wonder why a third party app is needed to accomplish this basic functionality (from Google Drive, not Obsidian)…

My vault was backed up to the “My Computer” part of Google Drive, and has to be for a series of unrelated reasons. Autosync didn’t find that part of my Drive. I thought upgrading would fix the problem (allowing you to “access your whole drive”) but it did not.

I noticed Autosync can access Started files though! So from the Google Drive app I started my vault from the My Laptop section and then was able to select it on Autosync.

Thanks again!

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Anyone been able to get Google Drive to sync between and Android phone and a Chromebook?

For future people who find this page… If you have used the My Computer sync feature on Drive and now can’t see your folder in AutoSync… Star it and it will appear in the starred folders. Your welcome.


I do the same thing but Should I choose My computer folder or Obsidian Valut folder (which is in My Computer folder) in autosync app ?

This is great!
I am thinking of using google drive as well to collaborate with colleagues, However I am afraid of conflicts when 2 users edit the same document at the same time

It works perfectly, but what happens with plugins? I have to set them again in both devices?

I am using this drive to store files…