Sync Mobile app through Google Drive (Android-Windows10)

I did this an Android using the app FolderSync. It worked good for several months but it I must have done something wrong because I lost everything in my attachments folder.

Tip of the Day: When an setup is working, don’t trying tweaking it!

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Still working like a charm. I would suggest that you do your synching manually. It will save your battery on your mobile. Unless you are sharing Obsidien with others, auto sync is not needed as you can simply sync when you want to use your mobile instead of the desktop/notebook.

Is it possible to use SyncThing with google drive? I could not find any guides or info how to do that. Seems Syncthing is about direct syncing between devices only?

My uneducated guess is that you can use the instructions in the first post to mount Google Drive on your main computer, and then have use Syncthings to redistribute that info across devices. I don’t have a Windows computer to confirm though.

Something like AutoSync by metactrl might be an easier route if you are looking to connect Google Drive to a mobile device.

You absolutely can. Infact I have setup crymptomator to encrypt the files before uploading to google drive.
Here is my setup . I have my main obsidian vault on local drive . I use syncthing to sync this folder with my Android device.
I have installed google drive mounted it and setup cryptomator with it .
Next I use rclone to sync the contents of my root folder with the mounted google drive folder
they get encrypted and uploaded.
The reason I am not directly using mounted drive as my obsidian folder is because of performance issues in vault.

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I think you are a genius, it really helps!
thank you very much

Thank you! Exactly what I came here for hahah