Sync everything, but bookmarks don't sync

I installed Obsidian on my laptop and it is syncing well, with settings on both computers set to sync everything. But my Bookmarks are not showing up on my laptop. I can manually copy bookmarks.json, but this won’t work very well with my Android phone. Am I missing something?

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How are you syncing? Obsidian Sync?

Bookmarks also not syncing here - between Macbooks. Using Obsidian Sync

What are your Obsidian Sync settings for the devices you want to sync?

Settings > Core Plugins > Sync → Core plugin settings needs to be enabled on all devices for Bookmarks to sync.

I’m also not seeing bookmarks syncing. Across macs and iOS. I’m using obsidian sync.

same for me (Windows and Android)

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Yeah I am running into this issue as well. I am using Synology Drive to sync a vault between my laptop and my android Samsung S10 phone. Mostly working quite well with a few exceptions. Cardboard doesn’t sync and neither do Bookmarks and Bookmark Groups. I do NOT use Obsidian Sync since I have a DSJ220 NAS by Synology.

Wow so this is not unique to those syncing outside of the Obsidian Sync service?! I thought maybe it was a proprietary synch issue maybe.

Same…Android and Windows user. Syncing between the two platforms.

Has anybody found a solution to this? I just bought sync and I’m running into the same problem. I guess this is a bug?

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