Sync deleted pdf files

For some strange reason, sync deleted PDF files from the moment I had setup Sync on another system.

  • I have all files local on my MacBook.
  • I purchased sync and I have synced all files to the vault (everything incl. PDF)
  • weeks later I decide to connect a MacMini to the vault.
  • works flawless and I get it up and running.
  • Looking at the sync activity I noticed a few PDFs were deleted, not all.
  • I switched the sync off on the MacMini.
  • I could restore PDFs from TimeMachine on the MacBook. It nicely synced up again like how it was before.

Versions Im using 0.10.9

Any info needed from my end to further troubleshoot this ?

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Any chance you can take a look at the version history to tell when/how it was deleted?

And if you remember, there’s are options to turn on syncing certain file types (including PDF). I’m guessing you didn’t turn it on when you setup the MacMini?

If that’s the case, then it’s most likely a bug with sync. Let me know.

I have inspected the sync code and indeed it has an issue when detecting attachment files for deletion. A patch will be included in v0.10.10.