Sync deleted all PDF files when activating PDF sync option

A similar issue was mentioned here but was apparently resolved.

Steps to reproduce

In sync settings, select “Sync PDFS”. This was done on multiple endpoints.

Expected result

PDF files are sync’d to all devices

Actual result

PDF files are deleted from all devices


  • Operating system: Linux - MX Linux 19.3 and PopOS 20.04
  • Obsidian version: 11.4 and 11.3

Additional information

I normally have Nextcloud running so PDFs were always sync’d between machines. When I set up an old Thinkpad (device A) as a writing device I decided not to use Nextcloud as I could rely on Obsidian sync. This is when I noticed that there were no pdfs on the device A.
I powered on another machine (device B) and confirmed the PDFs were there. I looked in the sync setting and noticed the pdf sync option and activated it (on device B). I then returned to device A which didn’t have the PDFs and activated the pdf sync option. Log shows that device A deleted the remote files rather than downloading them. They were then subsequently deleted from all other sync’d devices.

I looked in .trash and system recycle bin on all systems and the files no longer exist locally.

We fixed this in 0.11.4 :grimacing:, sorry about that! For now you can recover them from the version history either in your Nextcloud or Obsidian Sync, but that shouldn’t happen again once we deploy 0.11.4/0.11.5 to public.

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All updated to 0.11.5 now.

Thank for reminding me that I actually had these in my Nextcloud deleted files. Saved the day!

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