Swipe to close a tab on Mobile app


On the mobile app, when you click on the number displaying the panel of current tabs, that would be awesome to be able to swipe to close the tab inside the panel (instead of opening the tab, clicking on the 3 little dots and closing it)

Have a nice week-end everyone! :slight_smile:


Use case or problem

Currently to close a tab I have to click the three dots at the top of the screen, click close, then at the bottom click tabs, then select the next tab and repeat. When closing 10+ tabs this can be very tedious.

Proposed solution

After clicking on the tabs button at the bottom, swipe left (or right, it doesn’t matter really) on a specific tab to close it. This will make closing 10 tabs take 5 seconds instead of 30, and won’t cloud the UI.


I second that. not sure if swiping is possible but it feels like there should be a better way of closing notes as it this probably most basic and frequently used feature (at least by me). closing notes bothers me every single time I use Obsidian on mobile

Long pressing on the tabs button

brings up this menu:

This seems a bit faster than the three dots menu at the top of a note.


Thank you! I’d probably be a while before I found this one on my own :slight_smile: still a 2-move action with a wait but way better than the more obvious flow :slight_smile:

I don’t like that the Close all tabs is so close to a feature I use so often. For me accidentally closing all tabs would create a small personal catastrophe.

Also this request relates to the reordering tabs on mobile feature request and if implemented the two would probably be convenient to do at the same time.