Support display local image like `[local]:test.jpg` `![p2][local]`

Use case or problem

Our academic project documents choose to use markdown format to facilitate team management and sharing.

When writing a report, the same picture is often cited repeatedly. The picture may come from url or local storage.

In other price reduction software (such as vscode), you can use [img]: test.jpg or [img]: url to define once, and quote ![p1][img] else where,no need to repeat ! [p2](test.jpg).

If you need to change the picture, you only need to modify [img].

Proposed solution

For now obsidian support


but not support local_in_vault


Maybe obsidian can consider supporting this format.

Current workaround (optional)

For local images, you can temporarily use (p1)(test.img) in a special file, and use Block Referencing in other reports.

Related feature requests (optional)


All in all, thanks all the developers.