Supercharging Obsidian Startup

I (finally) documented how to fix “the startup problem” using the Templater plugin.

Nothing too crazy, just felt it’s high time people knew there’s a way around, well… everything, in Obsdian.

FastStart with Templater


Basically everything that the Plugin Groups plugin already does visually without having to resort to any coding, and with Plugin Groups I am also able to set up devices to auto-load different plugins on Desktop vs Mobile :wink:

But hey, if this plugin ever dies, at least I now have a backup alternative with Templatr :slight_smile:

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Quick plugin switcher does this as well. I switched from Plugin Groups to QPS since it has more features, more active development, and a better UI in my opinion.

Before that, I used the faststart script shared here, by tfthacker.

Btw, @TfTHacker already showcased this in the forum: Improve Obsidian Startup Time on Older Devices with the FastStart Script

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In my case, QPS is really buggy & slow when there are over 70 plugins to deal with.

I was experiencing a lot of crashes, and what made me switch was the fact that one day I started Obsidian and QPS was RESET due to some bug, so everything I had configured was instantly gone and not recoverable with anything I tried.

Ever since I switch to Plugin Groups, things are now running smoothly, no crashes, no bugs, no errors, silky smooth! :slight_smile:

But yeah, it depends on what suits our individual needs.

P.S. Also, I don’t think QPS has auto-toggling of plugin groups depending on the device you’re using it on, which I also required and PG offers by default.

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This conversation reminds me of my to and fro using block id embedders (which functionality should be core): was using the Copy Block Link plugin, then switched to TFTHacker’s Text Transporter, noticed some inconsistencies, then went back to Copy Block Link and a few weeks later went over to Carry Forward (which was fixed to work on mobile as well).

With the amount of new plugins’ overlapping functionality of older ones one can have a hard time and I thought about making a thread of what could be considered superseded but then I talked myself out of it as usually people like to learn the hard way. :slight_smile: