Improve Obsidian Startup Time on Older Devices with the FastStart Script

Just published an article on improving startup time. Obsidian is fast, but with a lot of plugins, some experience a startup delay.

I present a simple hack to get around this.



I made a little python script to accelerate the process.

First, edit the template for plugins list (FastStart-GenerateListOfInstalledPlugins) with :

<% "- [ ] " + Object.values(app.plugins.manifests).map(p=>,b)=>a.localeCompare(b)).join('\n- [ ] ') 

The list generated from this template will be a task list

Now, you need to class your plugins :

  • - [x] (check) will mark as a short delay plugins.
  • Any checked mark not x and not empty (so any - [char]) will be marked as a long delay
  • To keep the state (disabled/start when Obsidian open), you can remove from list or leave - [ ].


  • I use - [>] for short delay here, but you can use any character in your check mark*
  • I use a empty check mark to keep the state of my plugins (disabled forever or start at obsidian’s opening)

After, download this little python file.

You need to edit the path :

  • short : The (absolute) path to
  • long : The (absolute) path to
  • plugin : The absolute path to generated list by FastStart-GenerateListOfInstalledPlugins

After, you just have to run using python -m

:bulb: You can put the python script in your Obsidian vault without problem :D.

Moreover, if you don’t like to use checked mark for short delay you can edit the script here, editing the - [x] for any value you want (you can also use ctrl + f & edition…)

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