Use Joplin on Android to edit vault

I have my main Vault sync’d to my Android phone via Dropbox, and I’m looking for an easy way to edit notes on my phone. My main vault takes a long time to load on the phone, so it’s not good for adding quick notes, and I’ve been looking at Joplin as a snappier note editor.

My first plan is to have Joplin sync to a single folder within my Vault, so then at least notes are visible in both directions.

I’m wondering if anyone else has tried this and if there are any gotchas? I’m also wondering if I can be bolder and set Joplin to look at the whole Vault.

I’ve had a look at these answers to improve startup speed:

They are relevant, but in general I’m finding the editing workflow on mobile rather confusing, and it seems to want to index the vault every time, so I’m looking for a quick fix to be able to input notes on the go.

I may be mistaken, but I thought Joplin saves its notes in a weird format, or at least with unreadable names? (Maybe I’m confusing it with a different app?)

I use Markor and its QuickNote for this.

My Markor settings make it access my Obsidian vault files location:

Obsidian.PNG | Markor settings.PNG

To keep my Obsidian notes compatible with regular Markdown I use the following settings for all my Obsidian vaults(& check my setup in Markor) …

Under Files and Links:

  1. “Default location for new notes” - “Same folder as current file”.
  2. “New Link Format” - “Relative path to file”.
  3. “Use [[Wikilinks]]” - “off” … yet I still get the advantages of [[]]
  4. Detect all file extensions - enabled
  5. “Default location for new attachments” - “In subfolder under current folder”.
  6. “Subfolder name” - value: “attachments”.
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Nope, you’re totally right. This is a terrible idea as Joplin is very much not just a Markdown editor - it has strong opinions about where the files should be :confused:

Joplin is somehow a Markdown editor - yet it saves its files not as single text files but in a database. For use in other applications you have to export to separate markdown files first - put the other way round: you can’t open markdown files in Joplin in order to edit them - you first have to import them into Joplin’s format and then export it again.

This seems good! I’ll try Markor in a sandbox (synced to one folder in my Vault) but it looks like it’s quick and easy to use, and plays nicely. Thanks!

great - hope it works out for you.

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