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I’ve just started using Obsidian (after watching Nick Milo’s wonderful beginner tutorial). I’m probably going to make a lot of suggestions (I’m a Designer), so I’m creating a thread for it. This first post will serve as a kind of MOC (Map Of Content) for them – to use Nick’s terminology.

#1 Option to see folders on the graph (Functionality, Graph-View)
#2 Contextual Graph View (Functionality, Graph-View)
#3 Outline shown without markdown (UI-UX, Visual)
#4 Controlled Randomness (Functionality)


#1 Option to see folders on the graph

There are two types of connections between notes: direct and indirect. Tags and folders are indirect connections. Folders can be represented as a node uniting all the notes inside, just like tags.

There could be a filter for folders in the graph view, just like there is one for tags, and folders would appear on the graph as nodes of a different color.

I call MOCs, tags and folders organizer nodes.


#2 Contextual Graph View

Whenever you search for a node in the graph view, that node becomes central – the graph is filtered to display only the nodes directly connected to it.

Let’s say you have a note and the graph open at the same time.

Right now, the graph shows all nodes regardless of what note is selected.

With contextual graph view, whenever you select a note, that note becomes central on the graph. So the graph changes dynamically based on the selected note.

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#3 Outline shown without markdown

Currently, the markdown for subtitles is visible in the outline panel.

eg [[Subtitle]]

This serves no purpose and only clutters the panel.

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#4 Controlled Randomness

I love randomness. Controlled randomness is a concept I created to describe randomness from a selected pool of information. Uncontrolled randomness becomes less and less useful as the quantity of information grows.

Take Wikipedia’s random article option for instance. The likelihood of getting a result from your categories of interest is very very small. Controlled randomness in this case would mean being able to select your categories of interest and generating random articles only from this information pool.

In Obsidian, the randomness option could be contextual.

Random note from folder
Random note from current tag selection
Random note from all visible graph nodes

I am going to archive this. Please follow the guidelines for feature requees and one thread per request

Are my suggestions still visible, or do I need to post them again individually?

please post them individually and use the template