Suggestion: New Live Preview behaviour for links on iOS

Use case or problem

When you are viewing a note in edit/live preview mode on iOS and tap a link (with your finger or stylus) a black ‘pill’ pop-up above the link saying “Follow link”. This feels somewhat unintuitive in Live Preview.

Proposed solution

When tapping a link in edit/live preview mode a link works like in reader modem it’s a ‘live’ link. You click it, it opens the respective note or URL.
If you want to edit the link you tap-and-hold the link and after a short interval the cursor gets placed in the link text (at the position where you tap-and-hold).

When moving around with a keyboard, the link is always editable, so moving the cursor into the link with cursor keys reveals the full link data (like live preview) would normally do.

It would make navigating through your notes while in live preview more easily. Even less reason the switch to reader mode.
Curious what others think about this.

I think this could be a good option but I’m not sure if it’s a good default. I’d probably have to try it out to see how it feels. I don’t love the idea of making it harder to edit things in edit mode.

Even just making the “Open Link” thing easier to see and maybe a little bigger to tap would improve it, I think.

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