Suggest / Autocomplete in YAML Frontmatter

Use case or problem

Remembering what YAML key:value pairs have been used can be tedious.
Relying on tags / templates is not always optimal.

When adding a new key, or value to existing key, it would be great to have a suggest / autocomplete option available, that pulled from existing data in the vault.

Proposed solution

A great example would be from GitHub - marp-team/marp-vscode: Marp for VS Code: Create slide deck written in Marp Markdown on VS Code

Hit Ctrl + Space within the front-matter or HTML comment to show the list of directives. You can peek the help of selected directive by hitting Ctrl + Space again.


Current workaround (optional)

Tag workarounds have been suggested here and here.

Related feature requests (optional)

For the ‘YAML frontmatter improvements’ Roadmap Trello card

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