Auto Suggest/Populate Tags YAML Front Matter

Not sure if this is a bug:
Within the YAMLl front matter the tag suggestion does not auto-suggest previous used tags within square brackets.

Tags suggestions are presented if the “#” used as a prefix outside the brackets. tags: #tag1, #tag2 However does not provide suggestions with either style within square brackets. i.e. tags: [ tag1, tag2 ] OR tags: [ #tag1, #tag2 ]

When typing the above tag, the name are not suggested to the user.

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create a file with new tags: Crate a new tag “tag1”. Either use the front matter version “with OR without # prefix” OR outside the front matter using the prefix #.
  2. Create a second note that includes a front matter.
  3. Input tags: [ <Tag from above> ] within the front matter.

Expected result

UI should suggest previous used tags in a context menu pop-up

Actual result

No suggestion was provided by the UI


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.1

Additional information

Inputting the tag with the “#” prefix does provide suggested tag names within the front matter. However, only without inputing in a square brackets. tags: #tag1 #tag2


Please, open a feature request. The reality is that long term we would like to add a UI to handle data input in the frontmatter.


I’ll wait to transition this to a feature request if a solution/up-coming-feature is already on the drawing board.

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In case this comes up again, I’ve noticed a related issue:

I use nested YAML syntax for tags. Auto-completion works with #. However, auto-completed tags still have the # prefix the same as any other place in the doc. In YAML the # is invalid unless formatted as a string, so any tags entered with autocomplete don’t get recognized unless wrapped in quotes.

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+1, this problem still seems to exist.

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+1, this feature is much needed