Sub list block embeds fails with mixed markers

Steps to reproduce

Create an ordered list using + signs as the bullets. Indent one or more items below a parent list item. Now, define a block for the parent list item. Finally, separately embed the created block defined for the parent list item.

Expected result

The sub list items of the parent list item should also show in the embedded block.

Actual result

The parent list item shows, but the sub list items do not.


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Debug info: Sorry, I am going to have to supply this information later. I just wanted to create this report first, and unfortunately am doing so from my phone.

Additional information

This is obviously not a big deal. I just figured I would share the behavior. I know the sub list embeds are very new and this is minor, but I wasn’t able to definitively get to the bottom of it in this help topic: Should sub list block embeds work with + signs?

Thanks so much. Obsidian is a life saver. I am finally taming the chaos of my ideas and life in general as a result of this awesome software. Keep up the amazing work!

Works for me, post a screen recording of this happening in the help vault and attach the file.

Will do. Thanks for checking it out. I would bet that I am working with some odd discrepancy from my old vaults. I am wondering whether it has something to do with consistency of the tab enabled setting and size in sibling parent list items and the size or the use of spaces (2) instead of tabs of 4 spaces, which I currently use. This is just a guess, but I will definitely return and post more detailed information or perhaps confirm that this isn’t an issue at all as soon as possible.

I realized it probably has more to do with using both + and -. Unfortunately the best I can do at the moment is an actual photo of the screen. Thanks for your patience. I realize this is a very odd scenario. I think it likely originally occurred as a result of me having a list of + bullets and adding - bullets because I didn’t realize they were + bullets because Live Preview was enabled. Sorry for the diversion. I guess this is simply user error. If not, I can better write this up later. I just couldn’t not try to get to the bottom of this now. Thanks again.

oh, okay, there is a problem. Mixing makers doesn’t work sometimes

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will be fixed 0.13.29. You will need to edit the file to see it update.

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I tried to test it again. Again, this is no huge deal. Thanks for the help.

Edit the file.

Yea, I actually created the note from scratch today after installing v0.13.29. It was probably confusing because it is only a slightly different note name and a slightly different name for the block. I probably shouldn’t have made them so similar to my previous test that I shared. And in my actual vaults where I originally noticed this issue I went back and edited them. The difference is now only the parent bullet shows in the embed. In my previous experience with v0.13.28 some but not all of the sub list items showed in the embed.

Thanks for following up.

ok so does it work after you edit the file?

It does not. Sorry if I am not being clear.

I can’t reproduce. what happens if you edit that file. you need to edit that file to force a cache rebuild.

After lots of testing, I can consistently get it not to work as long as at least one of the letters of the manual block-id is capitalized. In these cases no matter how much editing I do to the file, it isn’t until I change the letter to lowercase that it begins working again. I may be wrong but according to the help it is okay to use letters, numbers, and dashes.

Phew! Finally! This was driving me crazy.

I found a post that verifies the capital letters are the issue. Perhaps it has nothing to do with the mixed symbols. I am kind of stumped. During my testing sometimes it just wouldn’t work. It was kind of inconsistent.

omg this is another problem


Honestly I am having good results as long as I keep the id lowercase even with mixed bullet symbol types. If I can reproduce the issue without any capitals, I will return and post here. I can open a quick bug report for the capitals in id thing. Will return and edit this reply and link to it here unless you create a new report first. Thanks.

No, you got another problem. There is an issue with uppercase ids, regardless of the markers.

Yup. Here is the report Capital letters when adding a manual block id causes embedding issues

Thanks for the help!

thanks for creating the new report.

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