Styling Reading view

What I’m trying to do:

Use CSS to style Reading view independently of Source & Preview views

I want Reading view to be completely different to my editing modes (serif font vs sans-serif, different colours, etc). I find that good on-screen reading demands a different look to on-screen writing.

Things I have tried

I’ve used Developer Mode, looked through some themes files (I’m using Minimal) and trawled the web, but I can’t find a straightforward way to apply CSS styling to different elements of Reading view. The Minimal theme css seems to contain only a couple of reading-view-specific selectors, neither of which I understand.

Does anyone have some reading view-specific css styling they can share?

(I feel a future edition of Obsidian could benefit from more granular settings for styling the source, live preview and reading views…)

The two main selectors for reading view(s) are .markdown-preview-view or .markdown-rendered. Have a look at FireIsGood’s excellent Obsidian CSS guide and start poking around: :man_detective:t4:

Also, if you specifically say what parts of reading view you would like to customize, I’m sure folks could get you pointed in the right direction.

This was very helpful, thanks. Have advanced, will report back with further details when time permits…

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